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We have an Epidemic on our hands… 1

I am no stranger to feeling unsafe in my own skin. I’ve personally experienced bullying almost every year of my existence on this earth. At first it was in school, before the Internet really took over and bullies could hide behind a screen and IP address. Whether it was being called a “fatty” (since I(…)

…and maybe they won’t kill you 1

Those of us who live from a higher state of consciousness and a deeper place of love and acceptance are enraged by the recent lack of indictments on the white officers that are blatantly guilty of murdering innocent black men.  Our hearts are breaking at the atrocities. Our minds are spinning with disbelief. Our souls(…)

We Are Limitless 0

The fabulous printing company for creatives, MOO, & Scope Art Fair have teamed up for Miami Art Basel to do a limited edition box of work from 10 artists, including me! In honor of the occasion I wrote a poem inspired by my piece above, “We Are Limitless.” (From the Conduits of Cosmic Truth Series),(…)

Today we remember…our capacity to love {9/11 Tribute} 0

Over the last few years I’ve been in the process of becoming increasingly sensitive and simultaneously attempting to really feel my feelings deeply, staying fully present to them in the moment. I’ve tried to apply this in the midst of both the highest highs of joy and the most traumatic incidents. It’s part of the(…)

A Blessing for the Abused…{in response to #RayRice} 0

To any woman who is hurting and bruised, may you know that you’re not alone. Whether the scars form on your skin or within your wounded heart, may the salve of unconditional love help to ease your burden. May you experience your body as a temple and a sanctuary that no one can knock down,(…)

CDF’s, Surprise Yearnings & the Joys of Sacred Sisterhood 0

Knowing your ABC’s is something you learned as a child, but knowing your CDF’s (Core Desired Feelings) really does change everything as an adult. What’s a Core Desired Feeling & where did they originate? Birthed from our fellow #MysticSister Danielle Laporte, it’s essentially how you want to FEEL while moving through your life. And there’s no substitute(…)

Thy Will Be Done 0

Continuing with the Summer Surrender series, I wanted to explore deeper a phrase I brought up last week. You’ve probably heard this familiar and oft quoted prayer from the Bible somewhere along your life journey: “Thy Will Be Done.” It is the ultimate challenge even to the devoutly religious. To utter the prayer “Thy will(…)

Surrendering to the Flow of Life [+ FREE Meditation MP3] 0

This summer has been stretching me on every plane of our existence, testing me, challenging me, and breaking me open further than I thought possible. Leaving me humbled in prostration on my knees, wholly surrendered. Bowing down with my head below my heart, as if in child’s pose, to allow my heart space, the soft(…)

Want to tell a better story & change the world while doing it? 0

“Tell me a fact and I’ll listen. Tell me the truth and I’ll learn. But tell me a story, and it will live in my heart forever.” – Native American Wisdom Holding space in a room full of strangers is a gift and a sacred task.  Our words have so much power, with effects far(…)

Sickening Spiritual Lessons from RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 5 0

Cross-dressing is an age old art form that many women, men & queers have taken to inhabit worlds that pulled at their heartstrings and filled them with aliveness, but that they didn’t have access to based on their birth gender. For instance, women have cross-dressed as men to serve in the army, men have dressed(…)

The Courage to Just LOVE: deeply, fully, wholly 0

On Vday, I spent the full day basking in Just Love & RISING for justice as well as profound healing with some incredible colleagues in the fields of spirituality, wellness & activism. That day I was also asked to appear on the news to talk about cultivating courage the next morning, so I felt called(…)

10 Steps to Blaze your own Bodacious trail in 2014 0

“Try to discover The road to success And you’ll seek but never find, But blaze your own path And the road to success Will trail right behind.” ~Robert Brault, 2014 and I both have something pretty thrilling in common: we’re horses…well, technically we’re the year of the horse according to Chinese Astrology. And it’s all(…)